SkyNext: The GTX 345 Is Garmin’s All-in-One ADS-B

Aircraft owners looking to meet the FAA’s 2020 deadline for ADS-B Out compliance now have a new option in Garmin’s recently released GTX 345. The mode S extended squitter transponder features dual-link ADS-B and pairs with a range of different displays, including certain G1000 panels, to deliver traffic and weather in the cockpit. Garmin

The GTX 345 offers optional WAAS integration for owners currently unequipped and looking for a single-step upgrade. In addition to traffic and weather info, the GTX 345 delivers backup attitude and GPS data. Pilots can access the info on Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight, along with portables such as the aera 795, thanks to wireless streaming. The transponder comes in a standard 1.65-inch form, allowing it to easily take the place of existing transponders in the panel, and has a digital display that features pressure altitude and a timer. The GTX 345 sells for $4,995 without WAAS and $5,795 with it. Garmin also offers an ADS-B Out-only version of the product, the GTX 335, which also comes with the WAAS option. Remote mount options are also available.

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