The Coolest Paper Airplane … Ever

** Photos courtesy of Luca Iaconi-Stewart**

What does it take to build the coolest airplane ever? In the case of college student Luca Iaconi-Stewart's creation — which definitely gets our vote for most spectacular paper airplane — the answer to that question is five years of effort and an abundance of glue and manila cardboard folders.

The 22-year-old constructed this incredible 1:60-scale replica of a Boeing 777 in his spare time, relying on photographs and engineering drawings to recreate the jet in minute detail. This attention to detail shows through in everything from the intricate landing gear to the airplane's life-like seat cushions.

Iaconi-Stewart says he has made two airplanes, with the first serving as a test bed for his early building attempts. He uses Adobe Illustrator to design his airplane components on a computer before printing them out and assembling the parts.

The only thing left for him to build is the wings, which he expects to take several months. Once the airplane is fully complete, Iaconi-Stewart hopes it can be displayed in a museum exhibit or some other venue where the public can enjoy his work.

Check out his YouTube channel and Flickr page to follow his progress.

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