Book Review: Thomas Block’s Captain

Captain by Thomas Block

Thomas Block's most recent novel, Captain, follows the trials and tribulations of Trans-Continental Airline Flight 3 from Rome to New York. Conflict arises as the captain, Jack Schofield, goes against company policy and invites a retired captain, Ray Clarke, to the cockpit, much to the dismay of the young copilot, Peter Fenton, who is a stickler for rules. When an engine anomaly occurs, conflict turns to mayhem and what follows is a battle of survival for the crew and passengers of the ill-fated Consolidated 678 airliner.

The book is broken up into a prologue, an epilogue and 33 chapters that skip between the events and discussions inside Flight 3 and the Trans-Continental headquarters. The plot includes current controversial topics, such as the ability of pilots to carry guns, the inability to allow non-crewmembers in the cockpit and the ever-expanding technological advances of the systems that operate airplanes, and what affect these things could have on the safety of flight.

Block is a retired U.S. Airways pilot and has been an aviation writer for 44 years, including 20 years as a contributing editor for Flying. He has been writing aviation novels since 1979.

Captain is available in soft cover for $16.99 or electronic format for $6.99. Links to sales outlets are available on Block's website

Captain, CreateSpace, Soft Cover, ISBN: 978-1470158972, $16.99

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