Flying Magazine is Number One in AOPA’s eNews

Cessna 172

With all the innovation and new products that landed on the general aviation scene in 2012, there were more than enough big stories to fill out the year. As AOPA’s list of most clicked-on eBrief stories shows, however, some of the most popular were those that returned to GA’s roots and celebrated the blending of classic designs with new technology.

Topping out AOPA's list was Flying's feature story, "Cessna 172: Still Relevant," a piece that explored the continuing appeal of GA's most popular airplane, as well as its evolution over more than half a century. For the article, Flying Editor-in-Chief Robert Goyer took the 2012 Skyhawk model for a spin, a flight that impressed him enough to report back that "today's Skyhawk is the best the company has ever made and by a good margin." Check out the story here.

Other stories that made the list include a Time Magazine article suggesting Amelia Earhart’s airplane may have been located as well as an AOPA editorial on the White House’s push for user fees.


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