How Combat Forged an Israeli Fighter Pilot

One month after graduating from the Israeli Air Force Academy, the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War broke out, thrusting Zvi Kanor into his first days ...
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Navy Combat Aviator Chuck Sweeney: ‘Timing Is Everything’

In 1972, the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk pilot was awarded three separate Distinguished Flying Cross medals for strikes against the North Vietnamese, all conducted ...
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Double Amputee Vet Dares To Freefall

After losing both his legs to an IED in Afghanistan, a Marine re-learns how to skydive.
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Grounded: Transgender Naval Aviator’s Quest To Return to Service

'I still dream about flying all the time,' says former U.S. Navy aviator Lt. Cmdr. Brynn Tannehill.
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Flying Fancy: USAF Fighter Pilot Demos F-35 Aerobatics

Second-generation USAF fighter pilot Maj. Kristin 'Beo' Wolfe's aerobatic maneuvers were featured in a new commercial paired with Top Gun: Maverick.
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Tenacity Helped This C-130 Pilot Earn Her Wings

Despite lack of representation in pilot training, USAF C-130 pilot Capt. Thessa Washington persevered to become one of only two Black pilots in ...
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Flying Blind: Trust Is the Cornerstone for This Alaska Air Rescue Team

"What we didn't want to do was leave him up there for another couple days, because he would have died," the pilot of ...
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‘Thunderstorm of the Worst Case’

An Air Force C-17 pilot recalls leading the last formation of the Afghanistan evacuation.
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