Garmin GNX 375 Combines GPS with ADS-B

Touchscreen navigator combines IFR GPS and ADS-B in a compact package. Courtesy Garmin

Garmin International has introduced a WAAS/SBAS GPS navigator that allows pilots to fly GPS approaches, including LPV approaches, while also complying with the upcoming ADS-B mandate. The GNX 375 is a standalone certified IFR navigator that offers a color touchscreen display with the latest features and capabilities, along with ADS-B Out and dual-link ADS-B In through a built-in transponder. A non-ADS-B GPS 175 is also available in the same configuration.

The GNX 375 and GPS 175 include a familiar Garmin user interface that enables quick, intuitive entry of flight-plan information, with a dual-concentric knob and dedicated home button to complement the touchscreen data-entry capabilities. Garmin says the new system slides right into the slot of earlier-generation products such as the 150/155 series, the GX 50/55 and the KLN 89/90/94 series GPS units, minimizing installation time. The $7,995 GNX 375 and $4,995 GPS 175 are certified for aircraft that weigh less than 6,000 pounds, and have received supplemental type certification for installation in more than 700 aircraft makes and models.

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