FlightAware Adds Flight Leg Sharing to Service

New capability allows temporary stakeholders to track blocked flights.

At the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas, FlightAware announced updates to its FlightAware Global products, which are aimed to help flight departments and business aircraft operators track their aircraft.

FlightAware’s latest feature— Flight Leg Sharing—lets the user securely share flight data, one leg at a time, with what FlightAware calls temporary stakeholders such as transportation services or ground crews at FBOs.

Traditionally, FlightAware Global shares data with permanent stakeholders, such as dispatchers, employees, family members, and business partners. The system compiles data on what has happened with the flight, what is currently happening with the flight, and what will happen with the flight in the future.

“In the old days, the flight dispatcher would have to pick up the phone and call the ground transportation company in order to let them know what’s going on,” said Matt Davis, vice president of sales at FlightAware.

Since flight schedules can change multiple times for one flight, “that’s a lot of work for that particular dispatcher,” Davis said. But, with Flight Let Sharing, the ground service personnel can be continuously updated.

FlightAware collects this data from multiple ADS-B sources, ATC, datalink, airline FLIFO and customer submitted data. The data is then processed by FlightAware to provide highly accurate predictions of when the flight will arrive at the destination.

Flight Leg Sharing is a free service within the Global Gold and Platinum tiers.

The Tiers

FlightAware’s Global Gold and Platinum tiers are available to operators who, for privacy or security reasons, block their N-numbers from public tracking on FlightAware. Global Gold is for any user who wants privacy while Platinum is designed for operators who travel internationally or in areas not covered by Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). These areas are covered by Aireon space-based ADS-B.

FlightAware also announced a third tier on Tuesday—Global Silver. This provides similar features as the Global Gold and Platinum for customers who don’t need to block the public tracking of their aircraft.

Features available for Global Silver include:

  • Live surface tracking
  • Foresight predicted ETAs
  • Unlimited alerts
  • FBO coordination
  • Premium weather layers
  • Ready to taxi
  • Cockpit situational insights
  • Monthly flight history reports
  • FlightBridge account integration

Pricing for FlightAware Global depends on fleet size.


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