Debris Found in Mozambique ‘Highly Likely’ From MH370

Australian authorities announce results from analysis of metal pieces.

Officials say it is "highly likely" that debris found off the coast of Mozambique is from the missing Malaysian airliner MH370.Laurent ERRERA

There is more conclusive evidence that the debris found on the coast of Mozambique earlier this month was likely from the missing Malaysian airliner MH370. During the past few days, the two items were analyzed by investigators from Australia and Malaysia who concluded that the debris is "highly likely" to have come from MH370, a statement from the Australian minister for infrastructure and transport, Darren Chester, said.

“That such debris has been found on the east coast of Africa is consistent with drift modeling performed by CSIRO [Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation] and further affirms our search efforts in the southern Indian Ocean,” Chester said.

The team is continuing its underwater search for the missing Boeing 777. Chester said there is still a 25,000-square-kilometer area to be searched. “We are focused on completing this task and remain hopeful the aircraft will be found,” he said.