Avidyne Showcases New Panel Solutions

New software enables new views, synthetic vision and the ability to connect to more hardware.

Avidyne announced at an EAA AirVenture press conference a long list of new updates to its panel-mounted IFD-series software and ideas on how to create low-cost, high-tech solutions in the cockpit. The avionics company recently launched its IFD100 app, which talks to the panel mounted IFD-series FMS/GPS/navcom systems. Avidyne’s CEO Dan Schwinn showed off new innovative ways to use a mobile tablet to mount in front of the round gauges on the panel, providing a glass display that incorporates the functions of the navigators.

With Avidyne’s IFD550, which is expected to start shipping soon, the FMS/GPS/navcom and the IFD100 app can display synthetic vision and a 3-D exocentric in-trail view showing the airplane on the screen.

Avidyne is also about to release a new software update for the IFD series, which will allow for the same views to be displayed on the IFD440 and IFD540. R10.2 will also increase the systems’ capability to connect with other hardware, such as weather radar products, EVS and NVG cameras, Garmin’s GDL 88 and more.

Avidyne currently offers six IFD models ranging in price from $11,399 to $21,999. The systems can easily replace Garmin’s GNS 430/530 GPS/navcom slots with minimal installation costs in most cases. The top of the line IFD550 is expected to be available in the next two months. IFD540 customers can easily upgrade to the new system. The presale cost for the IFD550 upgrade is $5,000. The cost will increase to $7,000 after the presale period.


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