This 2001 Lancair IV-P Is a Record-Setting ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

The influential homebuilt four-seater guided mainstream manufacturers toward composite construction.

2001 Lancair IV-P [Courtesy: Kent Cook]

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When longtime aircraft kit manufacturer Lancair developed the fast, record-setting Lancair IV more than 30 years ago, its goal was to offer a fast, pressurized airplane for family or business travel that could fly at about 300 ktas while providing comfort and safety. And you could build it in your home workshop.

Lancairs in general and the Lancair IV-P in particular became famous in aviation circles for their speed, which made them well-suited for personal, cross-country travel. One Lancair even set a speed record traveling between the North and South poles. Development of Lancair aircraft and other composite homebuilts clearly influenced manufacturers like Cirrus, which has helped make composite structures commonplace in mainstream certified aircraft.

This 2001 Lancair IV-P has 625 hours on the airframe and its 350 hp Continental TSIO-550E engine since overhaul, and 125 hours on its MT four-blade propeller since overhaul. The aircraft has operated for 185 hours since the turbochargers were overhauled and 125 hours since new cylinders were installed. Additional features include air conditioning, speedbrakes, winglets, upgraded engine mount, and upgraded nosewheel fork.

The panel includes dual Garmin 3GX GDU 375 MFDs and dual Garmin 3GX GDU 370 PFDs, Garmin GMC 305 autopilot control head with yaw damper and GSA28 servos, GTX 23 remote Mode S transponder with ADS-B Out, GTN 750 touchscreen GPS/Nav/Comm with WAAS, dual GSU 25 ADAHRS air data computers, Garmin GEA 24 airframe/engine monitor, GMA 340 audio panel with intercom, GDL 39R ADS-B receiver, GMU 22 magnetometer, SL40 digital comm, and WX500 Stormscope.

Pilots looking for a kit-built experimental aircraft large enough to carry a family of four, and boasting advanced features such as a turbocharged engine and pressurized cabin, should consider this 2001 Lancair IV-P, which is available for $399,000 on AircraftForSale.

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