What’s Changed at the University of North Dakota Since Its 2021 Tragedy?

Elizabeth Bjerke, an associate dean at the University of North Dakota, discusses what's changed at her school since the death of flight student John Hauser, and what changes are still to come.

In October of 2021, University of North Dakota flight student John Hauser was killed as the result of an airplane accident. It was later determined that he suffered from depression and that the crash may have been a suicide.

“Although there had been conversations within the industry and on campuses about mental health issues, John’s death certainly amplified those efforts,” UND president Andy Armacost said at a mental health summit hosted by UND in December. “His legacy inspires all of us to make sure we get this right, and that we support our students to the best of our abilities.”

As part of FLYING‘s Mental Health Roundtable, Elizabeth Bjerke, an associate dean at UND, and a main coordinator of the summit, talks about what changes the school has made since that tragedy.


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