Watch: A FLYING Roundtable Discussion on Mental Health and Aviation

A thought-provoking discussion about mental health and the aviation industry.
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How Should The FAA Account For Differences in Gender and Culture As It Relates to Mental Health?

Aeromedical researcher Dr. William Hoffman says where the conversation begins is very striking.
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What’s Changed at the University of North Dakota Since Its 2021 Tragedy?

Elizabeth Bjerke, an associate dean at the University of North Dakota, discusses what's changed at her school since the death of flight student ...
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If I’m in Aviation and I Have a Mental Health Issue, What Should I Do?

Watch as an expert panel gives advice to those wrestling with that question.
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‘We Don’t Want The Pilot To Hit The Wall’

As part of FLYING's Mental Health Roundtable, one expert spells out the importance of preventative measures.
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How Can The Aviation Industry Encourage People to Self-Report Their Mental Health Conditions?

A pair of experts answer the question as part of FLYING's Mental Health Roundtable.
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