The New Owner: Vintage Records

Oh, the tales that aircraft logbooks will tell…
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The New Owner: Join the Club

Flying clubs can give you a taste of airplane ownership before you dive completely in.
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The New Owner: This is How Good Friends Roll

An unexpected favor for a friend turns into a fun day inspecting a Cessna 170B.
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The New Owner: Aircraft Shopping

Jason McDowell discusses the tough task of narrowing down the choices and the allure of rare types.
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The New Owner: The Love and Joy of That Beechcraft

A famous friend of Jason McDowell’s made a Beechcraft Bonanza her first aircraft. It’s been quite an adventure.
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The New Owner: Sleuthing To Find the Right Airplane

Jason McDowell outlines the arduous process he went through to find the aircraft that was right for him.
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The New Owner: Tricycle Gear or Taildragger?

Jason McDowell came to this common fork in the road when he was shopping for an airplane. He dealt with it the only ...
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The New Owner: Passport, Please

Wisconsin’s airport rewards program gives opportunity to pilots looking for reasons to take to the sky.
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The New Owner: Stranded in Chicago?

A memorable trip highlights the headaches of renting, and the potential joys of ownership.
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The New Owner: Jason McDowell Shares Special Moment in Column Debut

The best part of this writer’s purchase? We get to enjoy the journey with him.
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