Video: Aerosports Archon SF/1 Ultralight F22

Or is it an F14?

There's not a whole lot of information about this Greek advanced ultralight (homebuilt in the U.S.), but it sure looks like fun.

It's not fast (no afterburner) and it won't carry much ordnance, but based on the accompanying video of a 16-year-old pilot taking it around the patch, it looks as though it flies pretty well. The engine, according to the company's website, can be anything from a 40 to a 130 hp (really?) installation. The twin tails do a good job of hiding the prop to enhance that faux-jet effect, but the airflow back to the powerplant, at least based on the straight-on look from one of the pics, looks a little compromised.

The single-seater, again based on the video, lifts off slowly and needs little room to get back on the ground, all the better for making believe you're ending the mission by catching the wire. For more info, check out the company's site,