This 1948 Cessna 120 Is an ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick From a Distant Era

Like many small, economical taildraggers from the 1940s the Cessna 120 is having a moment in the market.

1948 Cessna 120 [Courtesy: Jerome Rubin]

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There is nothing quite like flying a vintage taildragger on a cross-country jaunt. I’m thinking of a small, light, high-wing two-seater from the 1940s. While such airplanes do not fly especially high or fast, and do not have great range, they are hard to beat in the low-and-slow flight regime. The aircraft for sale here is among the best in its category.

The Cessna’s combination of good looks, forgiving flight characteristics, and side-by-side seating make it ideal for touring the countryside solo or with someone whose company you truly enjoy. This machine will rekindle your love for grass strips and socializing at pancake breakfasts.

This Cessna 120 has 3,943 hours on the airframe and 168 hours since overhaul on its Continental C85 engine, which has been modified with a crankshaft from a newer, larger O-200 engine. The seller characterized the aircraft’s takeoff performance as “rocket-like,” thanks to the reworked engine. 

The VFR panel includes a traditional range of basic, round, analog instruments. The cabin features custom leather seats for two in a side-by-side configuration that many people prefer to the tandem arrangement of Piper Cubs, Aeronca Champs, and other taildraggers of the same era. 

Pilots looking for a delightful, low-pressure return to flying the way it was during the first half of the past century should consider this 1948 Cessna 120, which is available for $35,500 on AircraftForSale.

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