Cirrus Introduces Free Transition Training for Buyers of Pre-Owned Airplanes

The new Cirrus Embark program provides three days of training at no cost with any of more than 400 standardized instructors.
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We Fly: One Aviation Eclipse 550

Light jet offers big performance for an economical price.
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Photos: Popular LSA Models

Here's a broad sampling of some of the light-sport aircraft industry's bestsellers.
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Should You Buy an LSA?

Why now is the perfect time to take a closer look at the lighter side of general aviation.
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Cirrus Delivers First Vision Jet

Amid lights, smoke and raucous cheers, the first customer SF50 jet leaves the factory.
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Learning to Fly the Icon A5

The maker of the amphibious Icon A5 LSA offers fun flight training while sorting out production issues
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Icon Buyers Are Getting the Chance to Fly Their Airplanes

Despite a production slowdown that has delayed deliveries of the A5 sport amphibian, several early owners are getting the opportunity to experience their ...
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Unusual Attitudes: Every Crook Ends Up at the Airport

Airports seem to be magnets for shady characters.
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Embraer Offers 10-Year Warranty on Legacy 650E

Embraer Executive Jets this week launched the Legacy 650E, offering the longest warranty in the industry.
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Textron Aviation Offers ADS-B Solutions for Citations, King Airs and Hawkers

Factory-direct STC for mandated ADS-B installations guaranteed for compliance worldwide.
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