SkyNext: CR Spotless Makes Plane Washing Easier

Water-ionizing system eliminates the need for wiping surfaces dry.

Washing an airplane, particularly a larger one such as a turboprop or jet, is a time-consuming endeavor that can require a lot of elbow grease. CR Spotless aims to reduce some of that labor by ionizing the water sprayed onto the airplane, eliminating the need for wiping the surfaces dry. The system connects quickly to a standard water spigot. The water flows into the system and through two 20-inch deionizing housings before exiting on the other end through a standard hose. There is also a small meter on the front that shows the water purity. Three zeros mean all is well. If numbers are showing, it is time to change the cartridges.

We recently tested the DIC-20 High Output Rolling System. The assembly process was quick and easy right out of the box. The system rolls easily on its rust-​resistant cart. After washing and rinsing the airplane, we were amazed at how the water beaded right off the surfaces. The windshield even looked clean without having to wipe it down. In addition to airplanes, the system can be used to wash cars, RVs, solar panels and more.

However, there are some drawbacks to the CR Spotless system. For starters, many airports in drought-stricken areas no longer allow for washing stations that use water. Also, at 50 pounds, the DIC-20 is cumbersome to lift, so if you have to lug it back and forth to the airport, a smaller system would be recommended. CR Spotless offers several sizes. The DIC-20 costs $449.99 and includes everything you need, except a hose and cleaning products.


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