We Fly: Cirrus SR22T 8000

Cirrus Aircraft marks a milestone in its piston fleet.
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Approachable Aircraft: Beech Sundowner and Musketeer

Cruising along in this solid single-engine piston classic.
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Flying a CJ1 from Coast to Coast

A dream half a century in the making comes true for this Citation pilot.
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Losing the Word “Lift”

Finding an alternative term for this imprecise aerodynamic one.
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Snow and the Airline Pilot

Facing delays and deicing during a New York winter.
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The Smell of LL

Complacency is everywhere in COVID times.
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Underwater Egress Training Pays Off

When you can say, “Been there, done that!”
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Hawaii Lessons in an Ercoupe

From a Luscombe to flying on floats, one instructor’s journey informs his teaching.
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Good at Slowing Down

There are no pills for low energy in flight.
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