Mastering Instrument Flying

Pilotworkshops.com launches IFR proficiency series.
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Making the Transition to IFR

Switching to IFR Is Easier Than You Might Think and Well Worth the Effort
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Flight School: Adding an Instrument Rating

What are the biggest challenges new instrument students face?
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Left Seat: Pilots and Controllers

… and thunderstorms and separation.
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The Short-Final Scud Run

How to manage the transition from instrument flying to a successful landing.
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Left Seat: The New Partial Panel

What to do when primary instruments fail.
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IFR Flight Prep: A Whole New Game

Thanks to the information revolution, new computerized tools have changed the flight-planning process.
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The Keys to Cruise Flight Safety

What should be the safest phase of flight claims too many general aviation pilots.
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How Safe Is Single-Pilot IFR?

The report card is mixed, with lots of room for improvement.
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The IFR High Dive

Richard shares his IFR insight and gives his own interpretation on why the “loss of control” accident type is so prevalent.
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