What to Do If You Lose ATC Contact on an IFR Flight

Be prepared in case of communications failure on an IFR flight plan.
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I Learned About Flying From That: What a Night!

When you absolutely, positively have to be there.
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IFR Strategies for Success

Clear thinking will help keep your cloudy flying safer.
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Garmin Expands Pilot Training Offerings

Onsite instruction helps customers maximize use of avionics.
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Sporty’s Updates IPC Course

New and updated information helps keep IFR pilots current.
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Sporty’s Releases IFR Communication Course

Program features a variety of real-life scenarios.
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FAA Suggests Legal Flight Without Outside View Below 100 Feet

Rule would allow landing without looking outside.
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ForeFlight Gets Even Better with Version 5.3

Latest version overlays plates on charts and more.
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IFR Insight: Changing Clearances

When routings change on the fly, you’d better have a plan.
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IMC Club a Flying Phenomenon

A group centered on the craft of IFR is growing in popularity.
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