Sporty’s Releases IFR Communication Course

Program features a variety of real-life scenarios.

If you need to learn or improve your IFR communications skills, Sporty’s has just released a video program available on DVD or as an iPad app. IFR Communications is an updated video series that showcases three separate flights through which you can experience scenarios first hand, as if you were in the cockpit. The program covers a variety of airports using three airplane platforms.

The IFR environments featured in the course range from quiet, uncontrolled airports to the very busy Class C airspace surrounding Chicago Midway International Airport, which lies beneath the Class B of Chicago O’Hare. The real-life scenarios show how best to manage the resources available in the cockpit during ground, departure, en route and approach phases of flight. In addition to the procedures required on an everyday flight, the program includes more uncommon situations such as communications required when entering a hold and during emergencies.

The airplanes used in the scenarios are a Cessna Skyhawk, Cessna Skylane and Piper Malibu Mirage. Avionics also vary, from a basic VOR panel to the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics. The educational program is available on Sporty’s website for download or purchase for $34.99.

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