Sporty’s Updates IPC Course

New and updated information helps keep IFR pilots current.

Sporty’s has updated its instrument proficiency check (IPC) program designed for pilots who need a refresher on instrument rules and procedures. The content of the two-hour program, which is available on multiple platforms, has been updated and expanded, and the instructional information is presented using a mixture of analog and glass instrument panels.

Airshow announcer Rob Reider, who has been featured in Sporty’s instructional videos for about 25 years, is the on-camera host and narrator for the updated IPC program. New video, graphics and animation have been added to sections such as regulations, IFR clearances and equipment required for flights conducted under IFR rules.

There have also been updates in sections covering IFR charts, aircraft systems and emergency procedures, and the weather section has been expanded to help pilots make a go/no-go decision. New sections include useful information such as how to deal with an icing situation and how to interpret weather data presented on the NOAA website.

The IPC course costs $39.95 and is available as a DVD, an iPad, iPod or iPhone app, and an online program.

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