Sporty’s Updates Learn to Fly Course for 2018

Revamped training course features hours of fresh HD content and the ability to switch seamlessly between online, iPad and Apple TV versions using the same account.

The newest version of Sporty’s Learn to Fly course is now available, and it’s the biggest update ever, featuring hours of updated HD video and the ability to switch among three viewing formats (online, iPhone/iPad and Apple TV) for one price.

A student’s progress as he or she takes the course automatically syncs no matter which platform is used, and flight instructors can track progress as well through the totally revamped iOS app.

Once a student has completed the course and successfully taken the practice exams, a written test endorsement can be printed out and taking to any FAA-approved testing center. In addition to written test prep, the course also includes HD video of 32 in-flight maneuvers to help a student ace his or her checkride as well. Sporty’s guarantees students who take the course will pass their written, oral and flight tests or receive a full refund.

Unlike some online courses that aim to teach the bare minimum information needed to pass the written test, the Sporty’s Learn to Fly course focuses on preparing students for real-world flying after they earn their license. Special Air Facts segments with renowned aviation author and former Flying editor Richard Collins include no-nonsense tips new private, sport and recreational pilots can use after the checkride.

Price for the course is $199.99 and is available at


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