Post-Flight Debrief with CloudAhoy Adds Objective Evaluation of Piloting Skills

All pilots, from PPL student pilots to seasoned 6000-hours pilots, practice traffic patterns. CloudAhoy visualization, above, shows four patterns flown for night currency, with one pattern isolated for further analysis. Note the runway depiction on the altitude+airspeed graph. CloudAhoy

CloudAhoy is used by pilots at all levels for post-flight debrief. CloudAhoy provides "Flight Debrief in the Age of Technology". It is data-driven and incorporates artificial intelligence technology, advanced analysis, state of the art visualization, integration of video, and automatic scoring of flights (currently in beta). The ability to relive the flight, to quickly identify and focus on specific "interesting" moments, to receive objective information, and to see it all with easy to use visualization tools makes the debrief effective and fun at all levels.

For pilot proficiency, the experienced pilot makes it a habit to self-evaluate their piloting skills after each flight, even a $100 hamburger flight. Debriefing flights includes reviewing the stability of the approach, effectiveness of wind correction, and accuracy of an instrument approach. This helps confirm and adjust personal limits, identify areas to work on with a CFI and leads to a better and safer pilot.

For primary flight training — CloudAhoy automatically segments the flight, making if easy to focus of one maneuver at a time, e.g. a steep 360, an s-turn, or a single traffic pattern out of six.

Practice flights, segment list on the left showing 360 turns, S-Turns, and traffic patterns. In this screenshot the debrief focused on S-Turn. A 360-video taken during the flight was imported and synched with the flight data. CloudAhoy

For Instrument training - CloudAhoy is incredibly effective for a thorough review of the instrument approach. The combination of 2D or 3D published approach overlays, 3D view of the actual flight, 3D Cockpit view with an "approach in the sky", and graphs including profile view - together provide a review of the approach accuracy and stability at a glance.

An ILS approach is debriefed using data from Garmin G1000. Note the published approach overlay (white and magenta, with waypoint annotation) on the right, and the synthetic view animation on the left with CDI indicators. The altitude and IAS graph is useful for debriefing the stability of the approach, and the exact touchdown point. Markus Rex

CloudAhoy supports many flight data sources. CloudAhoy continuously adds additional sources of data.

Flight data may be logged with CloudAhoy’s App (iOS or Android), track logs may be imported from ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, FlyQ, and other EFBs, rich flight data may be imported from an EFIS e.g. G1000. All the flights, including flights which were shared by other pilots, are listed in the Flights tab, with search capabilities to find a specific flight. Chuck Shavit

CloudAhoy is cloud-based. All the flights are stored in the cloud and are accessible from the web on any browser on any computer.

Last but not least, CloudAhoy enables easy sharing of flights. Flights can be shared between student and an instructor, a pilot and a safety pilot, with pilot friends, and with passengers. Flights can also be shared via email or on social media.

CloudAhoy brings technology and obective data to post-flight debriefing, adding value to flight training, enhancing the experience of flying, and helps make better and safer pilots. It is used in primary, instrument, advanced, and recurrent training, and in day-to-day flight operation for self-improvement, and for fun.

CloudAhoy was founded by a pilot-engineer, and continues to keep the spirit of love for aviation and love for technology. CloudAhoy was initially used by General Aviation pilots (first release was in 2012). In the past few years it is increasingly used by the military and in commercial aviation.

An individual CloudAhoy Standard subscription is $65 / year, with a free 35-days trial. Discounts are available for SAFE and NAFI members. Organizations can purchase an “org license” with a license management tool.

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