More Mnemonic Madness

After seeing Martha Lunkin's recent Mnemono-Maniacal Moments column, longtime Flying reader David Karnes thought our readers might benefit from his dad's approach to mnemonics, which takes the form of a poem. The poem makes sense. Kenneth Karnes recently bought a Cessna 210 and needed a way to remember the new procedures associated with his high-performance single. His solution is the most poetic we've ever heard. Enjoy.

Transponder "Mode C" and mixture set right,
Then add Full Power to start this flight.

Fuel Flow Adjusted for Altitude here,
Check Airspeed Alive then, Raise the Nose Gear.

Instruments Green, and Heat is OK,
Rotate at 60, tap breaks and good day.

Flaps up at 80, Gear up at 90, Full Power to 500 feet,
Then 24 inches and 2500, maintaining the climb to complete.

Fuel Flow adjusted, Instruments Green, Cowl flaps adjusted,
The Airplane is clean.

You're done with the takeoff and you got it right,
Now follow the course to Full Throttle Height.

With AP "ON" to maintain course, continue your climb to the goal.
Once there, cruise power set, engage the Altitude Hold.

See waypoints pass and keep up with the time,
Keep an eye on the gages and gas.
Be aware of the weather as clouds go by,
And give others the room to pass.

When time is right to end the flight, descend at 300 feet,
Back one inch per thousand feet on down to the pattern height.
With AP "OFF" and speed cut back and 18 to 20 inches,
Set fuel to choice, gear down, of course,
Then enter the pattern you chose.

Downwind at 100 and flaps 10 degrees,
Recite and comply with the GUMPS.

Call and turn to Base with precision and grace,
You'll soon be over the bumps.

On Base, adjust flaps. Check Gear Down and Light Green,
Look at the gear, then back in here,
Set power between 12 and 15.
Hold it just right, threshold in site, check runway and traffic again.

Call and turn final, more flaps if you choose. Check power again to make sure.
Cowl flaps to open, prop to full in, check on the mixture again.
Airspeed near 80, touch down at 60, more if gusty or xwind.

Call when you're clear, transponder off,
Flaps up and no traffic near.
Lean mixture for taxi, and be sure of the route,
Once there, park right, shut-down, get out.


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