FBO Spotlight: Legacy Aviation (Y14)

** Legacy Aviation, LLC**

In our FBO Spotlight series, we're highlighting FBOs around the country that have received rave reviews from our readers. This latest Spotlight is brought to you by Bob Maxwell, who has recently flown into Marv Skie-Lincoln County Airport in Tea, South Dakota, in a Cessna 152 II. Here's what he had to say about the airport's FBO, Legacy Aviation:

"This FBO is just 8 miles south of the larger Sioux Falls, South Dakota, KFSD. It has a newer 3400 feet concrete runway with transmitter activated runway lights and a Super AWOS on 122.8 Mhz. The facility has 24-hour self-service fuel via credit card. Although the business office closes at 6 p.m., the lounge area with restrooms is open and available to pilots 24/7. The staff is friendly and everyone that arrives receives a sincere greeting. Flight instruction and major aircraft repairs are available. Going the extra mile to assist pilots aircraft owners is the norm."

To learn more about this FBO, visit legacyaviationsd.com.

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