FBO Spotlight: Boreal Aviation (KSAW)

** Boreal Aviation**

In our FBO Spotlight series, we're highlighting FBOs around the country that have received rave reviews from our readers. This latest Spotlight is brought to you by Scott Sedam, who recently flew into Sawyer International Airport in Marquette, Michigan, in a Commander 114. Here's what he had to say about the airport's FBO, Boreal Aviation:

"I landed at Sawyer in the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) after a 3-hour Wings of Mercy flight for an older patient on oxygen and her daughter. The FBO personnel understood without being asked that when a ‘compassion flight’ is arriving, there is a very good chance the pilot and passengers will need assistance. After helping us deplane, one of the passengers looked back at the airplane and said, ‘Is your tire supposed to be flat?’ The FBO staff immediately got the A&P over, who was fantastic. He had the right tire and tube, even my preferred brand. They put the rim on a dolly and deftly towed my bird to the maintenance shop and got to work. Meanwhile, the FBO staff suggested we take the crew car into town for that famous UP gut-buster — the 'Pastie.' Delicious, but we had to take a few gallons less on our fuel load. It was extremely cold and windy, but the warmth of the guys at Boreal and the expertise of the mechanic made the 2.5 hour delay more than merely bearable. It is a flight I will always remember. My thanks to the entire staff at Boreal."

To learn more about this FBO, visit borealaviation.com.

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