AOPA Marks 75 Years Today

** AOPA Regional Fly-In 2014**

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, which originally appeared as a section in Flying Magazine as an early attempt to organize pilots for better representation, today celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Led today by president and CEO Mark Baker, the organization boasts hundreds of thousands members and advocates for them, fighting for the same kinds of rights it fought for from the earliest days of the group: access to airspace, opposition to user fees, fairness in government regulations and keeping the cost of flying down. All are issues it has stood in solidarity with Flying and its readers for all 75 years of its history.

While AOPA is changing to better represent its membership with more grass roots access, it continues its advocacy programs, giving its members a voice in Washington, D.C., Oklahoma City, and increasingly around the world, making it far and away the most effective pilot member organization.

Flying wishes AOPA and its members the very best on this important milestone and encourages all pilots to make their voices heard as part of this most important member organization for pilots and owners of GA aircraft.

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