Pilots Can Earn FAA Wings Credit at Flying Aviation Expo

Pilots who participate in at least three safety seminars at Flying Aviation Expo can earn FAA WINGS credit. Alamy

Pilots attending Flying Aviation Expo at the Palm Springs International Airport can obtain FAA WINGS credit at the show's numerous safety seminars. Every attendee who participates in a minimum of three safety seminars at the show from October 20 to 22 will receive a certificate to complete the requirements for the knowledge portion of a WINGS flight review.

"We know that people who participate in the free FAA Safety WINGS program are safer pilots," said Flying Aviation Expo safety education adviser Gary Reeves. "The Flying magazine Aviation Expo is encouraging more pilots to use this important program. PilotSafety.org and I are proud to support this mission by creating the Safety Passport program."

The FAA, NATCA, PilotSafety.org, NORAD, NTSB, SAFE, EAA, John and Martha King and Flying's editors will present safety seminars for novice and advanced pilots. Topics will include risk management, accident prevention, weather, flying with iPads, runway incursions, mountain flying and handling emergencies with ATC.

For a detailed list of Flying Aviation Expo safety seminars, check out the show schedule at aviation-xpo.com.


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