Who Is Teaching? Low Time and Social Media Make for a Bad Combo

Fatal Piper accident in Kentucky delivers a sobering message about CFIs and the training of future pilots.
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Practice Crosswind Landings Whenever You Can

Since most airports are designed with runways aligned into prevailing winds, many pilots don’t get much work with crosswind takeoffs and landings.
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When You Go Back to Flight School, Don’t Lose What You’ve Learned

FLYING offers some tips for retaining aviation knowledge to anyone facing a pause in their pilot training.
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The Long Line of Instructors

Being part of a teaching legacy is an awesome and life-changing privilege.
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11 Mistakes that Student Pilots Make

Every pilot can learn from the common errors that learners make while pursuing a private pilot certificate.
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When VFR Turns into IFR

The importance of having experience in actual
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Use A Syllabus

Organization, communication, expectation, thy name is syllabus.
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Aviation Safety Report Offers Blueprint During Flight Instruction

CFIs should glean lessons from the annual Nall Report to help learners understand where risk originates.
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Approaching a New Airport

Practical tips help ease your way into an unfamiliar field.
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Moving on Up

If you want to buy the airplane of your dreams, you might need an IFR rating.
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