Pilatus Aircraft Reports 2021 Sales Record of 152 Aircraft

Swiss OEM says demand in military and general aviation helped results.

Pilatus Aircraft says its sales rose 19 percent in 2021 despite supply chain disruptions and helped drive deliveries to a record of 152 aircraft, adding that the results reflect growth in the general aviation and military markets.

Sales totaled 1.3 billion Swiss francs—or $1.4 billion—up 19 percent from the previous year, and its operating income was 210 million Swiss francs—or about $226 million—a 35 percent increase from 2020. The company also said it has incoming orders of 1.7 billion Swiss francs or about $1.8 billion.

Pilatus said its aircraft sales included:

  • 45 PC-24 business jets
  • 88 PC-12 NGX turboprop singles
  • 17 PC-21 military trainers
  • Two PC-6 utility aircraft 

The company said highlights from the year included an order from France for nine PC-21s and the “successful presentation” of the PC-7 MKX military basic trainer. A boom in the general aviation market helped sales of its PC-12 NGX and PC-24, Pilatus says.

The company noted it also “had to contend with some turbulence” in the form of supply difficulties that hurt production and resulted in higher costs. “Demand for our products and services has rarely been so high,” said Pilatus CEO Markus Bucher. “Meeting customer expectations despite unreliable supply chains and continuing globalization will, however, ensure our work remains challenging,”


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