Photos: DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase

The first DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase drew a steady stream of LSA pilots and enthusiasts happy to get a look at some of the light sport and experimental aircraft on display and even take some demo flights from the runway at DeLand Municipal Airport in central Florida.

In addition to forums and workshops addressing topics in sport aviation, about 100 exhibitors displayed their products and aircraft on the airport grounds, including CubCrafters, Pipistrel, RANS AutoGyro, Aeromarine and more.

Swift Fuels was also on hand distributing its UL 94 unleaded avgas.

Check out some photos below from the inaugural event November 3-5.

AutoGyro gave demo flights in the MTO Sport throughout the weekend. Dave Carriere
This Buccaneer II was flown in for the event. Dave Carriere
The weather in DeLand, Florida, was perfect for a day spent outside taking in all the Showcase had to offer. Dave Carriere
A Zodiac CH-601 XLB kit plane flown in for the show. Dave Carriere
A Stemme motor glider is prepared before flight on the runway at DeLand Municipal Airport. Gary Rosier
An SP-30 STOL aircraft on display Saturday. Dave Carriere
A Just Superstol amateur-built aircraft prepares for takeoff. Gary Rosier
The Superstol in the air. Gary Rosier
A Super Pétrel amphibian on display Saturday. Dave Carriere
CubCrafters' Carbon Cub was also featured in a static display at the show. Dave Carriere
Revo showcased its Evolution trikes. Dave Carriere
AutoGyro's display featured more MTO Sport gyroplanes. Dave Carriere
Inside the MTO Sport. Dave Carriere
A Twin Otter carries a load of skydivers above DeLand Municipal Airport. Gary Rosier
A sole skydiver floats to earth. Gary Rosier
A CH 750 STOL in flight. Gary Rosier
A couple of LSAs fly overhead. Gary Rosier
A Zenith CH 750 Cruzer kit airplane flown in for the show. Gary Rosier
A JA30 Superstol. Gary Rosier
An Aerolite 103 single-seat ultralight. Gary Rosier
Swift Fuels CEO Chris D'Acosta stands beside a fuel truck. Swift Fuels was at the show as a sponsor and exclusive provider of unleaded UL94 avgas. Dave Carriere
The Showcase also featured a display by the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum. Dave Carriere
The inside of the museum's WWI Curtiss JN-4 replica. Dave Carriere
An up-close look at the replica. Dave Carriere
A J170 LSA on display at Jabiru's exhibit. Dave Carriere
An attendee prepares to be taken up in one of Revo's demo trikes. Dave Carriere
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