Flying Destinations: Chicago Executive Airport

See why Chicago is the perfect destination for food and flying enthusiasts.

The John Hancock Center and Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) frame the majestic Chicago skyline. (Photo courtesy of Steve DiLullo,
**Keep a lookout for Navy Pier, one of Chicago's frequented landmarks.
** (Photo courtesy of Steve DiLullo,
**When approaching from the South, Ryan Field will be off your left wing.
** (Photo courtesy of Steve DiLullo,
The friendly confines of historic Wrigley Field are easily identifiable from the air. (Photo courtesy of Steve DiLullo,
Also easily spottable is the glistening white Bahai Temple. (Photo courtesy of Steve DiLullo, [](Steve DiLullo,
If you land with an appetite, head to Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. Lou's has been specializing in Chicago-style deep dish pizza for more than 40 years.
What makes Lou Malnati’s special? Even with 33 locations, the family-owned labor of love doesn’t skimp on quality ingredients and stays true to Grandpa Malnati’s original recipe.
What makes a Chicago-style pie special? This knife n’fork deep dish monstrosity actually is more delicate than it seems. It has a rather thin crust that encompasses the bottom and the sides. The “backwards” filling of mozzarella, vegetables, meat and a chunky, spicy tomato sauce is extremely flavorful but can be a gut buster.
A few minutes directly north of the airport, straight up Milwaukee Avenue, is Bob Chinn's Crab House.
Look up the phrase “Chicago Culinary Institution” and the first hit should be Bob Chinn’s.
Not full yet? Take a factory tour of the Long Grove Confectionery Company ($2.00) for one last indulgence before heading home.
Long Grove concentrates on both the macro and micro scale.
Enter the factory and you’ll gaze on a chocolate Statue of Liberty, a 500-pound chocolate Santa Claus and chocolate reproductions of Monet and Seurat paintings.
Among the company's decadent choices are salted caramels, English toffees and hand-colored chocolate bon bons.
Talk about heavenly and delicious.
For more on flying to Chicago Executive Airport and enjoying the sites and tastes, read our latest Fly & Dine feature.
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