PAL-V Opens Factory for World’s First Commercial Flying Car

Flying car company Pal-V has christened its factory for its Liberty vehicle in the Netherlands. Pal-V

PAL-V, the Dutch company that plans to bring to market the world's first production flying car, has christened its factory for the PAL-V Liberty in the Netherlands.

The company hosted officials from the European Aviation Safety Agency, whose job it will be to certify the Liberty, which combines a three-wheel vehicle with a gyrocopter in an ingenious way of making the dream of the flying car a reality – or nearly a reality.

Initially PAL-V will use the factory for the creation of the first three pre-production vehicles. With the first parts already in stock, PAL-V says it will start the final assembly of those aircraft in October. Since the commercial launch of the Liberty earlier this year the list of reservations has been growing fast. Because of the high demand, PAL-V expects to ramp up production more quickly to keep pace with market growth.

EASA will supervise the certification process for the Liberty, which is designed to comply with the existing air and road regulations in most countries, including the United States.

The two-seat Liberty Sport model is priced at $400,000, while the fully loaded Pioneer Edition is $500,000. With a gross weight of 2,000 pounds, it will fly at a max speed of 97 knots with a max air range of 275 nm and range on the ground of 750 miles.


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