FAA Administrator Babbitt Arrested for DUI; Takes Leave of Absence

** FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt**

Fairfax, Virginia, police arrested FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt this weekend for drunk driving. Babbitt was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and driving on the wrong side of Old Lee Highway in Fairfax when he was pulled over. Babbitt was alone in the automobile, according to reports. The city does not release blood alcohol levels of persons arrested for driving under the influence.

On Monday the Department of Transportation, the federal department under which the FAA resides, announced that Babbitt was placed on a leave of absence as a result of the arrest. Federal officials are reportedly in discussions with counsel concerning the circumstances of Babbitt’s ongoing employment.

Micheal Huerta will take over the reins of the agency in Babbitt’s absence. Babbitt faces an early February court date to answer charges.


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