Neste Makes Deal to Boost SAF Availability in Southern California

Storage arrangement with Vopak makes use of logistics and distribution support.

Neste will store sustainable aviation fuel and sustainable diesel at the Vopak terminal in Los Angeles. [Courtesy: Neste]

Neste said it is working with Vopak, a company specializing in energy industry infrastructure, to expand its capability to supply renewable fuels to customers on the West Coast of the United States.

Neste has commissioned storage capacity at Vopak’s Los Angeles terminal for Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or SAF, and Neste MY Renewable Diesel. The company said the fuel-storage arrangement marks a significant step toward making Neste’s renewable fuels more readily available in the Southern California region.

The Vopak terminal’s location in the vast Port of Los Angeles will aid Neste strategically in connecting with fuel logistics via vessels, barges, trucks, and pipelines. The location also will help boost the flow of Neste's renewable fuels to customers at area hubs like airlines requiring SAF at Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) and critical hubs in the LA Angeles area, such as SAF for airlines at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and renewable diesel for road vehicles.

“Neste is fully committed to supporting the energy transition in the U.S. as well as globally by working closely together with partners to increase the availability of our renewable fuels,” said Annika Tibbe, acting president for Neste U.S. “Our cooperation with Vopak shows how repurposing existing fuel distribution infrastructure can accelerate the much-needed transition to renewable energy. California has been at the forefront of adopting and endorsing climate-friendly policies and solutions. We are glad to enable more cities, businesses, and individual travelers in the state to take advantage of Neste’s renewable solutions to reduce their emissions and help fight against climate change.”

Said Maria Ciliberti, Vopak president United States and Canada: “We are proud to serve Neste. Repurposing Vopak’s assets from oil and traditional fossil fuel products to low-carbon energy solutions is right on target with our strategy. We are happy that our services and infrastructure have been selected and are committed to being a part of the Los Angeles energy transition.”

Jonathan Welsh is a private pilot who worked as a reporter, editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal for 21 years, mostly covering the auto industry. His passion for aviation began in childhood with balsa-wood gliders his aunt would buy for him at the corner store. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @JonathanWelsh4

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