Miracle Flights Announces Free Flights Program for Veterans

New outreach program launched with help from a decorated U.S. Navy Seal.

The nonprofit Miracle Flights organization already books an average of 700 free medical transportation flights per month on commercial airlines for patients in need, adding to the 128,303 flights they have donated for children and adults since 1985. Now, a new outreach program will extend the service to U.S. veterans to reach specialized medical care far from home.

Miracle Flights officially announced its new outreach program on October 7, in a special event co-hosted by the Vegas Golden Knights at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, featuring guest speaker former U.S. Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill. “Our veterans face a number of challenges as they seek to move forward with their civilian lives, including access to proper medical treatment,” says O’Neill. “I’m thrilled to join with Miracle Flights in shedding light on and addressing this critical area of concern among our veteran community.”

With the help of Miracle Flights, U.S. veterans in need of financial assistance can receive free plane tickets to any medical facility in the United States for services including surgeries, rehabilitation programs, service dog training and retrieval, specialized wheelchair fittings, mental health assistance, substance abuse counseling and other complex medical needs.

“Robert O’Neill is one of the nation’s most decorated Navy SEAL combat veterans, and he helped bring to our attention the need for Miracle Flights to expand its outreach efforts for U.S. veterans, many of whom have to travel to receive the specialized physical, mental and emotional care they need,” says Mark E. Brown, CEO of Miracle Flights. “Helping those who have sacrificed so much for our country is a tremendous honor for Miracle Flights and a vital part of our mission to increase access to quality health care for anyone facing a medical crisis.”

To request a flight, learn more or donate, call 800-359-1711 or visit the website.


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