Red Zone & Escaping Cuba

"Red Zone" & "Escaping Cuba"

Based on True Stories

By author and pilot Alan McTeer

Published by Solstice Publishing

"A riveting, white-knuckle read, with writing so vivid you’ll believe you are sitting right there in the plane’s cockpit with these unforgettable characters. McTeer is a natural-born storyteller who writes with the authority of a real adventure. He doesn’t just talk the talk- he has actually walked the walk."

- Tess Gerritsen

"McTeer walks the reader into a treacherous maze where entanglement and evil wait at every turn. This is a journey where there are no right moves, no one is to be trusted and there are no clear exits. A spine-tingling novel from beginning to end."

- Steve Zettler

"A thrilling tale of a talented pilot addicted to adventure. McTeer so deftly handles plot, subplots, and characterization that only on landing do you realize you’ve been gripping the armrests."

- Jamie Fox

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