California Pilot Makes Simple Aviation Marketplace, WingSwap

Pilot Jesse McClintock’s frustration with online aircraft marketplaces inspired him to create his own, WingSwap. Wingswap

Jesse McClintock is a young California pilot who was helping a friend list his American Champion Adventurer for sale online, only to be fed up with how difficult and outdated every online aircraft marketplace was. This frustration led to innovation when he decided to create his own online aircraft market, intended to making listing an aircraft for sale as easy as possible, and free.

With a background in tech, Jesse knew a website like this needed to be mobile friendly, and easy to navigate, as well as secure. Armed with this knowledge, was created and in less than a month from the idea, it went live, ready to make selling simple. On mobile, the experience is just that. Big tiles make browsing the type of aircraft you want a cinch. Scroll down and you can quickly scan all the airplanes and parts pilots across North America have listed so far.

Free and Premium Listings are being given away for free this month, and with no commission to give, listing your aircraft on WingSwap really is a no brainer. From a seller's perspective, going through the registration process and listing your aircraft takes less than 5 minutes, and your ad will stay live for 60 days, no matter the type of listing you select. More than twice the length of time other marketplaces offer. WingSwap also offers fantastic fast technical support if you have any questions or issues.

Be sure to check out and see what pilots across North America have to offer!

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