Flying High with Aircraft For Sale’s Latest Feature: Introducing ‘Price Change’

Track the rise and fall of an aircraft’s price without as much as a click of the button with Price Change on Aircraft For Sale.

Price Change Feature Alert

Price Change will help aircraft buyers stay informed about price fluctuations and make more informed purchase decisions.

Hold onto your headsets because we've got some thrilling news to share.

Aircraft For Sale has just rolled out an industry-changing feature called "Price Change." Now, you can track the rise and fall of aircraft from their original asking prices without even as much as a click of a button.

Watch Ian Hoyt, FLYING Media Group's director of marketplace, share more about this exciting update in our feature release video:

Gone are the days of endlessly scouring the internet, trying to determine whether your dream aircraft's price has dropped or risen. With Price Change, you now have the power of real-time information at your fingertips. Effortlessly stay informed about price fluctuations, make more informed purchase decisions, and seize the perfect opportunity to swoop in when prices align with your budget.

So, What Exactly Does This Mean for You?

Stay Ahead of the Game

Whether you're a seasoned pilot or an aspiring one, staying updated on aircraft price trends is crucial. With Price Change you stay ahead of the curve, allowing you to capitalize on price drops and snatch up that dream plane you've been eyeing for years.

Informed Decision-Making

Knowledge is power, especially when making significant investments in aviation. Now, you can make more informed decisions by comparing price fluctuations over time, helping you gauge market trends and negotiate better deals.

Seize Opportunities

A sudden drop in an aircraft's price can sometimes signal an excellent opportunity or give you a chance to curb your excitement to investigate why. With Price Change, you can seize these moments and save big on your next purchase.

Simplified Research

No more guesswork or endless browsing through outdated listings. Our new feature simplifies your research process by providing clear indicators of price changes, saving you time and effort.

Enhanced Experience

We're focused on making your experience on Aircraft For Sale as seamless as possible. Price Change adds another layer of convenience to our platform, ensuring you have the tools for a smooth browsing experience.

How Does It Work?

When browsing through active listings on, you can easily see if the seller has changed their price.

Regardless of if you're on a search results page or an individual aircraft listing, Price Change will be available for you in bold and at the top next to the original asking price from which it has dropped.

If a price change has occurred, the seller's original asking price will be crossed out and the current price will be listed next to it. We calculate the percentage of a drop or raise and include the date when that change occurred. This helps you to understand how significant the change is and how long it's been around in a matter of seconds.

Whether looking for your first airplane or expanding your collection, Price Change by Aircraft For Sale is your here for you. Happy flying and happy savings!

Ian Hoyt
Ian HoytEditor
Ian Hoyt is the Director of Marketplace at FLYING Media Group. In his spare time he enjoys flying his Cessna 172B around the Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina based out of 1A5.

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