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Logbook Pro® is the leading electronic software logbook solution for pilots worldwide for over 16 years. From student pilot through airline pilot, Logbook Pro is the most reliable, accurate, and trusted logbook available. Use Logbook Pro to log quickly from Windows, Mac OS (via VM/bootcamp), iPhone, iPad, Android (phone/tablets), Kindle Fire, and NOOK. Log your flights quickly with ease, sync effortless over the cloud, backup safely online with cloud backup, and airline pilots can quickly import trips using the ingenius airline schedule importer. Print professional reports from over 60 available reports including the new Summary Report for airline pilots.

Download a free trial from and see what you've been missing. Try any of our free apps for iOS and Android from their respective app stores. Enjoy add-ins such as Route Browser to view and analyze your flights in this handy mapping program. Enter the modern day era of flight logbooks – get Logbook Pro today.

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