Lancair Delivers First Piston Evolution

New pressurized single-engine kit model offers impressive speed and range.

Lancair Evolution
Lancair's piston-powered Evolution comes with a fadec-controlled Lycoming iE2 engine.Lancair

Lancair has delivered the first piston-powered Evolution, equipped with a fadec-controlled Lycoming iE2 engine rated at 350 horsepower. The piston Evolution is designed around the same carbon fiber airframe as the turbine version, minus the firewall forward section.

With a 168-gallon fuel tank that is necessary to feed the turbine-powered Evolution, the range of the piston Evo borders on the ridiculous. With an economy cruise setting, the range can be stretched as far as 2,500 nm, said Lancair’s director of business development Kevin Eldredge. With more power, the airplane can cruise for 1,800 nm at 240 knots. The service ceiling for the piston Evo is 25,000 feet. The Evolution is pressurized and air-conditioned.

The piston Evolution has been in the works for a few years, but Lancair has had difficulties overcoming overheating issues with the new engine installation. Those challenges have now been overcome, Eldredge said. The new version of the Evo kit sells for $650,000 with a complete Garmin G3X panel and will be priced just under $900,000 when built with the help of a professional builder. Lancair offers options for BRS parachute and deicing systems for the Evolution.