JSX Announces Partnership With United Airlines’ Aviate Program

New relationship gives students a new private aviation track to employment.

JSX, a “hop-on” jet service, announced Monday that it has partnered with United Airlines’ (NASDAQ: UAL) pilot career development program, Aviate, to offer students a new private aviation track. 

“Aviate is thrilled to partner with JSX, and we are confident they will be an invaluable asset to the program,” United’s managing director of Aviate and pilot strategy, Capt. Curtis Brunjes, said in a statement. “We applaud the vision of the JSX team and look forward to the mutual opportunity this partnership brings to JSX and United Airlines.”

The partnership is designed to give future and current Aviate students the opportunity to pursue careers at JSX. 

How it Works

The JSX track for pilot advancement will consist of a 2,000 flight-hour accrual while part of Aviate, a 24-month contract as a captain at JSX, followed by a direct transition to United’s fleet, if transition requirements are met. 

“Partnering with Aviate is global recognition of JSX’s unwavering commitment to excellence in pilot training,” JSX COO Randy McKinney said in a statement. “Joining United’s renowned program marks the beginning of an exciting partnership that will further our mutual training and hiring objectives for current and future pilots.”

JSX has been expanded rapidly in the past year, adding stops in Texas and a few on the East Coast. 


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