Jeppesen and ForeFlight Team on Mobile Charting

Jeppesen navigation data and approach charts will soon be available in the ForeFlight Mobile app thanks to a long-term “strategic alliance.” Jeppesen

It’s a collaboration between two aviation industry heavyweights that pilots have long been asking for. In an announcement today, Jeppesen and ForeFlight said customers will soon be able to view Jepp navigation data and approach charts in the popular ForeFlight Mobile app as part of a long-term “strategic alliance” to combine the capabilities and content of both. The collaboration will also see significant features and functionality of the ForeFlight app merged into Jeppesen’s FliteDeck Pro app used by airlines and large flight departments.

"For years we've heard pilots ask, 'When can I get Jeppesen navigation data and charts in ForeFlight?' and today we're pleased to announce that's coming," said Tyson Weihs, ForeFlight co-founder and CEO.

Starting this summer all ForeFlight subscribers will see Jeppesen global navigation, terrain and obstacle data included the ForeFlight Mobile app as part of their normal subscription. ForeFlight subscribers on individual plans will also be able to link their Jeppesen licenses in ForeFlight Mobile and purchase worldwide Jeppesen charts for use inside the app.

General aviation pilots can choose between Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck or ForeFlight Mobile as their preferred cockpit solution. Subscribers to ForeFlight business plans, meanwhile, will purchase chart coverages through Jeppesen and then link them to their ForeFlight subscription for use inside the ForeFlight Mobile app.

Pricing for the ForeFlight Mobile app starts at $99.99 per year. Adding Jeppesen charts to ForeFlight for the continental U.S. will add $199 to the yearly subscription price.

Jeppesen and ForeFlight also say they will work together on a next-generation release of FliteDeck Pro 4.0 for iOS and Windows, due for release next January, that will deliver a combination of the familiar capabilities in FliteDeck Pro and ForeFlight Mobile. The companies will work with FliteDeck Pro customers to ensure the training impact is minimized. FliteDeck Pro customers will continue to receive application and content updates from Jeppesen.

The long-awaited collaboration between Jeppesen and ForeFlight will allow GA pilots to choose between Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck or ForeFlight Mobile as their preferred cockpit solution. Jeppesen

"We are thrilled to bring together Jeppesen's world-class aeronautical data with the unmatched advanced technology of ForeFlight," said Ken Sain, Jeppesen's chief operating officer. "This will create a new benchmark for delivering navigation, flight information and operational solutions with greater regularity and speed for every aviation segment, from recreational pilots to the world's largest airlines."

ForeFlight's Weihs said the collaboration is only the start of a concerted effort to enhance pilots' abilities to access more capabilities and additional tools while developing technologies that leverage the strengths of both companies.

"We're excited to bring Jeppesen charts and data to ForeFlight Mobile customers," he said. "The combination makes ForeFlight Mobile the premier all-in-one mobile solution for planning, briefing, filing, flying, and logging flights across personal and business aviation."


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