Is a Commercial Pilot Certificate Worth the Effort?

A FLYING reader wonders if they should take the step, and finds out why taking it would give benefits they hadn't thought of.

Why should I make the effort to get a commercial pilot certificate?

Getting a commercial certificate is particularly fun if you’ve been practicing instrument flying. It’s great to be oriented outside the airplane again. The commercial training takes you back to the joys of basic airmanship with a series of visual flight maneuvers designed to help you demonstrate your skill at handling the airplane.

With your commercial—and improved flying skills—you will get deep satisfaction and pride from every movement of the airplane. Your enhanced planning, coordination and timing will allow you to put the airplane where you want it smoothly and gracefully, as well as give your passengers confidence that their pilot is the obvious master of the aircraft.

And who knows? You may decide you do, indeed, want to make a living at one of those jobs where the pilot is being compensated—jobs such as conducting sightseeing flights, being a corporate or agricultural pilot, and banner towing, pipeline patrol or traffic reporting.

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