Icon’s A5 Now Comes as a Certified Aircraft

CEO Jason Huang shows off an electric-green A5 at EAA AirVenture. Icon Aircraft

As soon as I walked into the Icon booth at AirVenture, my eyes immediately focused on the paint scheme of the demo A5 amphibious aircraft sitting front and center. The green paint scheme wasn’t anything I thought about. It just drew me toward the airplane. Not surprisingly, it turned out the new color scheme—one of three—was appropriately labeled electric green. I guess it worked on me.

After introducing new members of the company’s senior management—such as CEO Jason Huang, senior vice president of operations Stephane D’Haene, and Warren Curry, vice president of sales, marketing, flight operations and service—the company released the news that the Icon will soon become an aircraft certified in the primary category. Ultimately, certification will pave the way for the A5 to be exported to and registered in countries that do not recognize the light sport model of the aircraft. Currently, even for US customers, the A5 can only visit the Bahamas in the Caribbean, for example. Other islands within the aircraft’s range don’t recognize the A5′s LSA classification. The company will continue to offer the LSA version of the A5.

“The first ICON A5 certified edition is scheduled for completion in late 2021,” said Curry. “It will feature a Garmin 796 avionics package, as well as the new “Signature” livery design with three new color options,” including that electric green that caught my eye. “Pilots around the world will be able to import and register their ICON A5 in their home countries.” Additionally, in a news release Icon said, “The current A5 order backlog is approximately five months and there are only three planes still available in 2021 as of this release date [July 26]. The company is expecting to deliver 31 planes this year, and with the momentum anticipated to continue on the heels of ongoing expansion, it has its sights set on delivering more than 50 A5s in 2022.”

Demonstrating a continuing focus on safety, Icon now offers all owners a new Smart preflight planning app to ensure operators are briefed on nearly everything possible that might impact their flights. Curry said more than 50 percent of Icon owners already use the app that offers them a numerical score on the airplane and the pilot’s readiness to conduct the flight.

Icon is offering AirVenture customers a show special if they decided to order a new airplane yet this week. Traditionally, the company requires a 20-percent down payment to secure an order. During AirVenture 2021, customers who visit the Icon booth, #168, Curry said they can secure one of the few remaining aircraft with a $20,000 deposit. The special includes two-full years of free maintenance on a new A5. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of a certified A5 is $399,000 and includes the G3X autopilot that the vast majority of buyers request.

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