How to Put Friends at Ease Before You Take Them Flying

The right approach can make all the difference.

Some neighbors have asked to go flying with me. How can I assure them that it will be safe?

This is a very important question. Your best bet is to get to know your neighbor well, make your decision based on what you learn, and tailor your approach. Do you convey that you respect others? Is your demeanor thoughtful and responsible? Are you considerate? Do you fly in a manner that is predictable and dependable? Any sign of lack of control—such as aggressive driving or a cavalier attitude regarding alcohol or drugs—would be an obvious red flag. All this information will help them determine how you might handle your obligations toward them as a passenger.

Questions they ask about flying will show their level of interest and be very informative. They may ask: What do you enjoy about your flying? If you talk enthusiastically about your training, it conveys your passion and dedication.

Ask them to contribute to the risk management of the flight once you’ve made a plan. Coach them on the need to refrain from interrupting you when you need to concentrate, especially during the preflight preparation and radio conversations.

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