Honda Aircraft Unveils Certified Pre-Owned Program for HondaJets

The new CPO business appears to be a continuation of Honda’s efforts to assist aircraft owners affected by the shutdown last month of Jet It.

Honda Aircraft is getting involved in the used market. [Credit: Shutterstock]

In an announcement that echoed its parent company’s automotive roots, Honda Aircraft Co. introduced a certified pre-owned (CPO) program for its HondaJet aircraft. 

Under the new program, each pre-owned aircraft will undergo “discerning selection, a rigorous inspection and expert maintenance processes to ensure it meets Honda’s high standards for quality, safety, and performance before receiving the CPO designation,” the company said. The program also offers a range of services to support the fleet.

The new CPO business appears to be a continuation of Honda’s efforts to assist aircraft owners affected by the shutdown last month of Jet It, a major fractional operator of HondaJets. 

While Honda has not responded to inquiries about possible connections between the problems with Jet It and the CPO operation, the company said the new program “also offers end-to-end services.” Previously Honda offered free support to Jet It customers, including pilot services and parking for up to 90 days at its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Shifting attention to the used market also makes sense for Honda now that its earliest aircraft have been in service for more than seven years. The HondaJet global fleet totals more than 230 aircraft with more than 185,000 flight hours, Honda said.

The company said CPO aircraft have to pass a 208-point inspection by Honda-trained technicians in its network of authorized service facilities. Aircraft that qualify for the CPO program will also be upgraded to “the highest performance level available for each model, based on applicable service bulletins,” the company said.

“As demand for the HondaJet continues to rise, pre-owned aircraft have become an increasingly important entry point into the HondaJet community,” said Amod Kelkar, chief commercial officer of Honda Aircraft. “The CPO program extends our commitment to excellence to all aspects of the long-term ownership experience and ensures that all HondaJet owners, both current and future, will have the best ownership experience and peace of mind, regardless of their position in the ownership journey.”

Jonathan Welsh is a private pilot who worked as a reporter, editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal for 21 years, mostly covering the auto industry. His passion for aviation began in childhood with balsa-wood gliders his aunt would buy for him at the corner store. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @JonathanWelsh4

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