Hartzell Aviation Makes a Home for Firewall-Forward Brands

The investment holding company, Tailwind Technologies, the parent company of Hartzell Propeller, has formed Hartzell Aviation.

The investment holding company, Tailwind Technologies, the parent company of Hartzell Propeller, has formed Hartzell Aviation, an expanded group of brands to deliver more products and services to general aviation. The newly formed company will include three segments, Hartzell Propeller, Hartzell Aerospace Welding, and Hartzell Engine Tech. The group announced the new conglomerate at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this week.

In a statement, James W. Brown III, president of Tailwind Technologies, said the new structure would build on the historic brand and allow the company to continue innovating and improving the GA sector.

“The independent operating companies and products under the Hartzell Aviation banner will carry on a strong and rich tradition, with a history dating back to the Wright brothers when Orville encouraged his neighbor Robert N. Hartzell to begin manufacturing airplane propellers,” Brown said.

Hartzell Propeller

Under the new structure, Hartzell Propeller—headquartered in Piqua, Ohio—will continue developing, manufacturing, and innovating its propellers for its customers in the business, commercial, and government sectors. The company said it would also focus on creating next-generation propellers with blended airfoil technology. They would also look to improve manufacturing through more modern machining centers, robotics, and molding stations. JJ Frigge, promoted to president of Hartzell Propeller in January 2020, will continue in his role.

Hartzell Aerospace Welding

Meanwhile, Hartzell Aerospace Welding will house Tailwind Technologies’ 2020 acquisition of Aerospace Welding Minneapolis. The division focuses on general aviation aircraft exhaust systems and engine-mount repair. It specializes in certified welding, precision machining, and sheet metal fabrication. The division will be located in Eagan, Minneapolis, and will be led by Ryan Latham serving as president. Moreover, the company also announced at AirVenture that it was expanding its reach through the acquisition of Acorn Welding in Edmonton, Canada.

Hartzell Engine Tech

Finally, Hartzell Engine Tech, the third division, will focus on providing engine accessories and heating solutions for the general aviation industry. The company is a portfolio of five companies: Janitrol Aero, Fuelcraft, Plane-Power, Sky-Tec, and AeroForce Turbocharger Systems. Hartzell said combining the brands would allow them to provide more comprehensive customer solutions. This division will be headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, and will be led by Keith Bagley as president.

Tailwind Technologies’ chief operating officer and chairman of Hartzell Propeller,Joseph Brown, said the new umbrella organization would allow Hartzell to build on its brand and bring together an array of firewall-forward products.

“This newly christened organization, with its iconic Hartzell companies and brand names, is guided by the overriding principle of ‘built on honor,’ which reflects our commitment to quality, performance, and support in everything we do,” Brown said. 


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