Garmin Announces New 2018 Pilot Training Classes

Garmin is offering a variety of new, expanded pilot training classes this year. Garmin

Pilots who want the most out of their Garmin avionics can attend a number of new, expanded pilot training classes this year.

The instructor-led classes are available for the GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators, the G500/G600 glass flight display systems, and all Garmin integrated flight decks, including the new G1000 NXi platform.

Garmin says supplemental eLearning opportunities are also available, and additional training for the G500 TXi/G600 TXi and G3X Touch series will be added later in the year. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are hosted at Garmin’s headquarters in Olathe, Kansas, and include a factory tour, lunch and a Kansas City BBQ dinner.

Here’s a rundown of the classes Garmin is offering for 2018:

G1000/G1000 NXi Pilot Training

Intended to serve novice and experienced aviators, this two-day course will explore the capabilities of the G1000 integrated flight deck by providing hands-on, scenario-based training in a classroom environment. The course will focus on flight planning, instrument procedures, vertical navigation, and the automatic flight control system, and will highlight the increased capabilities of the G1000 NXi system. The cost to attend the G1000/G1000 NXi training class is $715. It will begin at 8 a.m. and conclude by 5 p.m. each day, and is scheduled in Olathe, Kan. for the following dates:

  • April 26-27
  • September 24-25

G500/G600 & GTN Pilot Training

For pilots who are considering an avionics upgrade or those who already have an existing GTN 650/750 and/or G500/G600 installed in the panel of their aircraft, Garmin is hosting several classes tailored specifically to flying with this avionics suite. This two-day class provides a collaborative environment designed to help pilots transition from analog flight instruments to Garmin glass panel flight displays. A presentation and practice format offers attendees the opportunity to practice real-world in-flight scenarios with Garmin avionics. This cost to attend the G500/G600 and GTN pilot training class is $625. It will begin at 8 a.m. and conclude by 5 p.m. each day for the following dates:

  • January 25-26
  • April 2-3
  • May 17-18
  • June 18-19
  • August 25-26

GTN 650/750 Pilot Training

Pilots may also take advantage of training classes tailored specifically to the GTN touchscreen series. Two one-and-a-half day classes are available for $495 and highlight loading and activating departures, visual approaches, and instrument approach procedures, flying holds, flight plan modifications and more. GTN-specific class dates are as follows:

  • February 3-4
  • October 11-12

Pilot Training Classes – Regional U.S. Locations

Classes will also be hosted at several new regional locations in the United States this year. They will provide the same in-depth instruction offered at Garmin’s headquarters, the avionics maker says, covering the G500/G600 and GTN 650/750 avionics suite. Cost to attend any one of the regional classes is $795. Below are a list of dates and locations:

  • February 15-16: Flight Safety Academy; Vero Beach, Florida
  • June 4-5: Garmin AT facility; Salem, Oregon
  • September 20-21: Garmin Yarmouth Office; Yarmouth, Maine
  • October 18-19: Tarrant County Community College; Fort Worth, Texas
  • November 1-2: Robinson Helicopter Company; Torrance, California

Integrated Flight Decks

Integrated Flight Deck training is tailored specifically to aircraft type and flight operations performed by pilots attending the class. Garmin says these on-demand courses are dependent upon instructor availability, training aids and other resource considerations and provide a hands-on learning opportunity in a structured environment for pilots flying with the G1000/G1000H, G3000 or G5000/G5000H integrated flight decks. For customers interested in web-based online courses, Garmin offers eLearning courses for the G3000 and G5000 Integrated Flight Decks, Link 2000+, GTN 650/750 Essentials and Weather Radar Operations. The eLearning courses are "self-paced and guide customers through scenarios, which help build confidence with Garmin avionics systems." For additional information and to access these eLearning courses, visit Garmin's website.

To attend any of the G500/G600 and/or GTN 650/750 courses at Garmin headquarters in Olathe, Kansas or throughout the United States, register online by selecting the Training Tab at


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